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About SGD4D, Singapore's Leading Lottery Betting Platform

About SGD4D

Founded to offer a legit, secured and reputable platform for Singaporeans to place bets, we play an essential role to improve the financial status of players. For many years, we have grown fast to keep our games exciting while making sure the gaming environment is safe for all.

Our Vision

A top-class socially responsible entertainment provider trusted by players and valued by society.

Our Mission

We offer secured and trusted 4D betting to improve the financial status of players.

Our Values

Respect: We appreciate diversity and treat every player with respect.

Integrity: We are serious about players’ privacy.

Innovation: We believe in thinking out of the box to thrive.

Customer Care: We care for our players.

The Best 4D Betting Platform in Singapore

Our key betting platform is our website, supported by thousands of players every month.

With a free account, everyone can bet on their preferred 4D games. For example, Singapore 4D, GD Lotto 4D, Perdana 4D, Sports Toto, Magnum, DaMaCai, and so on.

Responsible Gaming

SGD4D is determined to be a world-leading transparent lottery platform. Our product offerings and business activities must be conducted to the first class standards. This is to ensure a transparent and secured betting experience for all players.


Whether you are just playing for fun and social recreation, or an advanced player who wants to win big, we ensure our customer support and withdrawal process are as quick as possible.

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